IF THE WORD 'CHIBOUST' makes you think of star bursts and the smudgy Milky Way, you're not far off. It's a cream that rises above the ordinary and poufs upon your palate like fairy breath. To practical old me, it's enough that it's a foam – whether as beer hood or frothy milk head, it's a fluid / food effect that has frayed my nerves since kidhood. But we wouldn't be the human race if the inventive among us couldn't take the divine even further. How? By calling up the world's finest liqueurs to deliver the boost to launch these prim desserts and their fan leagues, into the outer space of experience.

Now and then I’ve found myself nosing into an ongoing deep-toned discussion on the art of pairing the right liquor with a cigar. It's time we all heard a bit more on liqueur-dessert pairings – tiramisu with Kahlua or lemon pousset with lemon & lime liqueur. I'm too practical to be a connoisseur, but it seems to me that liqueurs are the perfect companion for desserts. Too many a fine dessert has pouffed on our palates and slalomed down our throats, leaving us with nothing but a faint mental note of what passed.

Liqueur, when paired with the right dessert, makes for a great complement and anoints the latter with the gravitas it deserves. At least, that’s how I see it. You are free to break into the rumba after a spoonful of apricot chiboust and basil rum sauce. Or attempt flying like a toucan in honour of the Madagascar nut tart.

Take your call, you could even try a bit of them all throughout the month of February at the Dessert & Liqueur Library at West View, ITC Maurya, New Delhi.