A Mangalorean delicacy this dish is an innovative imitation of the classic Chicken Ghee roast. It is a fiery red, tangy and spicy with an unmistakableflavor of ghee and roasted spices. This home style dish is not for the faint hearted. Do not skimp on the ghee as it is the flavour of clarified butter that gives the dish its distinct flavour.

Serves: 5

1000 gms c grade prawns peeled and deveined
100 gms bedgi chillies whole dry roasted
20 gms cumin seeds dry roasted
200 gms red onions thinly sliced
30 gms garlic peeled and crushed
60 gms tamarind soaked in water
10 gms turmeric powder
100 gms ghee
Fresh coriander leaves for garnish
Wedges of lemon

1. Make a paste with the bedgi chili, cumin seeds, garlic and tamarindjuice.
2. Marinate prawns with the above mixture and add a little seasoning.
3. Heat ghee in a pan and add the onions and sauté till translucent.
4. Add the marinated prawns and sauté along with the onion and cook till done.
5. Serve hot garnished with fresh coriander leaves accompanied with a lemon wedge.

Wine Pairing:
ConundrunCaymus vineyard California
This unusual wine is made with five grapes, sauvignon blanc, muscatcanelli, chardonnay, semillon and viognier.

Contributed by: Star Chefs at ITC Grand Chola - Chennai