Cheroot derives from the Tamil churuttu which means ‘to roll up’ anything, even tobacco. Tamil Nadu is one of the few states that grows the particular variety of cheroot tobacco.

The region has a historic link with the manufacture of cigars – Dindigul and Trichy were and continue to be manufacturing centres. It is said that the handmade cigars of Woraiyur were preferred over Cuban cigars by some connoisseurs back in the first half of the 20th Century and Trichy cigars are still sought after today.

The Cheroot Malt & Cigar Lounge at ITC Grand Chola has been crafted as a postprandial retreat for aficionados of fine cigars, malts and liquors. As a meeting place for connoisseurs of the high life, this distinguished establishment will offer a stunning collection of the world’s most sought after blends and single malts. Thoughtful accents such as cut glass decanters, soda siphons and the eye-catching hobby centre and collection, make this a rewarding destination for hours of relaxation or rewarding debate.