March brings a mixed bag. There’s the dreaded budget session – that yearly upheaval of financial plans abetted by an ever expanding litany of taxes, and there is, at once, the delicious prospect of respite from winter. For it is March that brings the brief interlude of spring, a riot of sweet smelling blossoms and torrential gales of end-of-season sales before the onslaught of summer and the rest-of-the-year. 

Here’s one end-of-season offer that is bound send your spirits soaring, and encourage the sort of heady indulgence that can offset the heavy hand of the tax season. 

1st to 31st March enjoy irresistible surprises and offers on your favourite beverages which include an outstanding line up of the finest wines, whiskies (blends and single malts), spirits, cocktails and Champagnes. 

Across the country, ITC Hotels brings you a range of fun and fantastic ways of enjoying your tipple-of-choice, at your favourite bars and restaurants. Sample this: spin a roulette wheel and enjoy exciting discounts on your spirit of choice. Or then, you could choose to play a game of Guess the Wine – a blind-tasting adventure in which you taste the wine, name the label on our list, and stand the chance to win a complimentary order! 

In addition, we have a range of specially priced menus, bucket-offers and irresistible discounts and attractively priced beverage pairings with weekend buffets. 

What’s more, we also have special offers for special events and occasions, for example, the Budget Bender offer that coincides with the budget session, the Beat the Budget Blues offer to take the edge off post budget gloom. Then, there’s the Holi Eve Special that brings you unlimited servings of colourful punches with an extensive buffet spread at an attractive price the night before the festival of colour. And, to celebrate Women’s Day on 8th March, we’re extending a month-long offer to our lady guests – once every week (each hotel has its Ladies Special day) women can enjoy unlimited servings of their favourite drinks alongside your meal, all through the day. 

Head to your nearest ITC Hotel, this March, and indulge yourself with an endless supply of good cheer, every day, every hour, at all your favourite ITC Hotels bars and restaurants! Click for offers.