A bright yellow umbrella, a splash in a muddy puddle and a distant rainbow in the sky – some childhood memories instantly rev up as soon as the monsoons make their presence felt. There’s something about this season that makes my heart soar. I don’t know whether it’s the heavenly smell of wet earth, lazy monsoon afternoons spent in the company of a good book or simply playing football in the rain; I can never really tell. 

The monsoons not only bring a renewed exuberance but also a number of seasonal cravings – especially the urge to gorge on piping hot samosas, chai and other such delicacies. To fulfil these desires, make a trip to ITC Hotels where scrumptious monsoon-themed dishes await you. 

From 1st to 14th July, celebrate ‘Monsoon Splash’ at Deccan Pavilion, ITC Kakatiya, Hyderabad. Sample a delicious array of street food like sizzlers, chaats, pakodas, bhajjias, cutting chai and many more seasonal options from our special buffet menu. Mumbaiites can reflect on the different moods of the Mumbai monsoons with a Thematic Sunday Brunch at Peshwa Pavilion, ITC Maratha. The cuisine will offer satiating comfort food perfectly suited for the monsoons. 

In a more traditional acknowledgement of Monsoon, Royal Vega marks the beginning of this season on the 15th July with the Varsa Ritu seasonal menu. Feast on delicacies such as paneer imlidaar and bhare karele and many other such Ayurveda-prescribed, luxurious monsoon dishes for a sumptuous and royal vegetarian treat at Royal Vega ITC Chola, Chennai. The menu will be available until 15th September, which marks the end of the monsoon period. For more details please visit the Epicurean

A lot to look forward to this season, I say.