Nothing excites me more than the prospect of inviting the most unlikely people together to a party, then standing on the sidelines to watch the unpredictable results unfold. But if I don’t get to engineer such wicked fantasies as often as I’d like, free form situations come to the rescue. Consider: watching someone encountering a new language for the first time, a new kind of music for the first time, a new fashion or a new food. The classic, reaffirming moment is the crash through the looking glass – overcoming hesitation and: speaking the language, playing the music, wearing the fashion and trying out the food. These are nothing short of epic moments and trying out a new food is as heroic and eloquent as any.

There is a saying in Japanese, that every time you eat something new, you extend your life by 75 days. If you’re in Hyderabad and haven’t tried out Japanese food yet, this is just the right time to enjoy the real deal at the expert hands of Chef Miyazaki Yoshikatsu, extend your life and perhaps even catch a glimpse of heaven. If you’ve long since been won over by the allure of Japanese cuisine, this Sensei Serenade will lull you into submission once again and perhaps have the effect of extending your life another 75 days, courtesy Japanese delicacies that may be new to your repertoire of favourites.

At ITC Kakatiya’s Sensei Serenade which is set to play out at the Deccan Pavilion from June 28 to July 1, you will get to try out celebrated favourites such as miso soup, sushi, sashimi, yakitori and kushiyaki, topped off with a serene bowl of matcha tea that will make you grateful for that epic moment you first reached out and met Japanese food.