I like smoke... when it emanates from a barbeque. 

Before the gloves and quilts are pulled out from obscure nooks, I roll- out my barbecue grill and tend to it. This is my way of welcoming the winters. As I see it, it has been a fine investment, one that has paid rich dividends and rewarded me with memorable evenings decorated with tantalising aromas, the sound of familiar voices engaged in banter and laughter interspersed by the reassuring sizzle of food on the grill. 

Char-grilling marinated meats and vegetables over a slow smoking fire, is an unusually simple yet supremely satiating, and evidently, rather popular technique of cooking traceable to the Taíno community of the Caribbean. 

A gathering where food is cooked thus, the food itself as also the cooking apparatus, may be referred to as ‘barbeque’. Relatively simpler than many other forms of cooking, barbecuing is an interactive culinary art form binding food aficionados world over with regional variants like the South African Braais, the Char Siu in Hong Kong, the Korean Bulgogi, the Russian Shashlik, Japanese Robatas and our very own Tandoors that are more grills than barbecues really. A barbecue will demand a slower flame and more time and patience, but be a worthy compensation in the very first tasting. 

When the morning paper is all but temptation at the door, the first snowfall of the season has made headlines and bright advertisements announce incredible discounts, events and fashion trends, I suggest you add a barbecue experience to the bucket list for good measure. 

With offerings like Slow Grilled Mud Crabs, Bay of Bengal Prawns With Garlic Aioli, Pork Chops and Spare Ribs, Tenderloin Mignonette with Chimmichuri, Baby Octopus with Cajun Tahina, Bratwürst and a wide choice of vegetarian barbecue specials that include Stuffed Grandiflora, Chilli Poblano, Sofiani Paneer Tikka, Soya ke Shami, all coated in signature rubs and the very best marinades, I highly recommend The Winter Barbecue at Eden Pavilion Lawns, ITC Sonar from 8th December 2012 to 6th January. 

For more information, please visit the Gourmet Guide.