Being one myself, I must be excused the cynicism. But I think fathers of the earlier generations had it easier. How difficult could this time-honoured routine be: bring home the bread, tell off the tots, wolf down the grub and crash into bed? It is with some nostalgia that I say – those days of glory are gone and are never coming back. Being a father today, means logging into a second job as soon as you’re off the first one. There’s no let-up: I have to be hands-on not only when I’m helping out in the kitchen but around the rest of the home as well. Helping one kid with formulae I have to struggle with myself; telling off the other for spilling juice – softly, not sternly; keeping accounts; being careful not to get too carried away with the children’s favourite TV shows; debriefing the kids on their school day over dinner, not shocking them with my true life stories unless the tales are positive and have a well-aligned life message. 

Sometimes of course, slip-ups happen and the family get a priceless insight into the real me. Whether it’s prat falls or straight talking, being a father really takes the life out of you, but at the end of the day, I’d have it no other way. My kids are my steadfast fans (ask them) and even if I should have grown out of it – they’re sort of like my teddy bears as well. Of course, it helps to get a thanks and a smile every once in a while. And because I know they’re too young to treat me, this Father’s Day I’m treating my dad (who insists being a dad in his time wasn’t any easier) and getting the kids along as well so they know what they should do on future Father’s Days. 

This Father’s Day (19th June), it’s your chance to spend some quality time with your father - at the Father’s Day special at ITC Maurya you get to treat him to great food and take back some wonderful memories to treasure. 

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