Were you born in the Chinese Year of the Rabbit? If so, my textbook astrologer tells me you are of wise and talented stock. And if you are not a rabbit, you can still claim some of its goodness – because we’re in the Year of the Rabbit. Curtains lift on this lunar year on February 3 and in case you didn’t know, the rabbit’s the luckiest sign on the Chinese horoscope! 

For a year that promises the best fortune you can expect – you may as well celebrate a good run in advance and pull out all stops to welcome the lucky year’s arrival. In China, the first day of the New Year is the most important celebration of the year and sees the country resounding with firecrackers, crowded with dragons (the silk kind) and awash with staple dishes such as dumplings, seafood, duck and candies. 

Keep pace with the fortuitous rabbit and start the year with a leap at Shanghai Club, ITC Grand Central, Mumbai at the Year of the Rabbit celebrations. Every day, from 3rd February to 17th February, you have the chance to dive into Master Chef Yang Jiyau’s recreations of home-style delicacies traditionally prepared to celebrate the onset of the year. Savour the various culinary styles of Chinese cooking with a celebratory menu featuring lobster, prawn, fish, duck and crab dishes.